Behind the Charm City PT Wellness Journal

After doing a few round table nutrition discussions with members at gym. I found out there were deeper reasons to why people ate the way they did and did not see the results. I will give two reasons why people don’t choose a healthy eating lifestyle later in this blog. So after those discussions I recently created a Wellness Journal with the help of my good friend Luci(Ladderback Design). I just didn’t want to create a typical nutrition journal for my clients that tracked food. After drafting a few different journals, I realized it wasn’t just a nutrition journal and it was more than that. I wanted to track their stress, sleep, feelings, and workouts. Therefore it became a Wellness Journal not just a nutrition journal. All of those aspects create a sense of wellbeing and its not just food that makes you healthy. Now to the reasons why people eat the way they do…

1. Time Management. I kept hearing the excuses, “I don’t have time to prepare food.” “I’m too busy at work to eat.” Throughout the round table, we realize that there is enough time to eat healthy. Whether its getting to bed a little earlier to get up and eat breakfast to planning your meals for the week on a Sunday morning. There are enough hours in the day to manage your time to eat healthy and even eat healthy when you go out to eat(plan what your going to eat when you go out or eat before you go out!!).

2. Stress Management. This is probably the number one reason why eating healthy is tough. In a previous blog, I talked about stress and cortisol. The big thing is realizing the stress and how to over come it. Maybe your workout fits your stress. If your having a 8 or 9 on the stress scale 1-10, perhaps that day boxing is in order or a little more intense workout. If that stress is manage than maybe you won’t skip meals or emotionally eat. Eating unhealthy can also cause internal stress in your body but mental stress as well. Again this all related to your wellbeing. Also take some of that stress off by managing your TIME! MIND BLOWING, I know!