Over the past few weeks, I’ve been noticing a lot of clients, friends, and loved ones under stress.  Stress is a very real thing for everyone and I don’t think people realize how much stress effects your physical well-being.  We all know about the whole cortisol hormone and weight gain with stress, but I believe it can effect your body in other harmful ways such as muscle tightness, energy, workout routine, blood pressure, and even male/female fertility and sex drive.


Don’t take for granted your stressors.  Do something about it.

1.  You time.  Take about 15-30 minutes a day for yourself and a hour or two on the weekend.  Clear your head of all the thoughts, deadlines, problems and issues that keep you worried throughout the day.  Get a massage, meditate, breathing techniques, go for a walk, cook, paint or whatever you like to do to take your mind off whats stressing you out.

2.  Don’t workout when you have a high level of stress.  Workout when stress is low so that your body prevents going to a high level of stress.  Sometimes working out while under a high level of stress can be harmful to your workout and you may push too hard through the workout.  Instead take that time for yourself to lower your stress then workout.

3.  Change your nutrition habits.  Sometimes stress can cause you to under eat or over eat or eat things that are not as good for you.  Instead of grabbing that fattening food or going to long without eating; treat yourself to a healthy lunch or dinner, no alcohol, water, and no sweets.  This can help change your mind set get you more focused.  Healthy Food, Better the Mood!


Hope these tips help you get through your stressful time.  Remember you can always do something about your stress, the worst thing you can do nothing at all.  Sometimes all it takes is re-focusing.