She’s always there, she knows me better than I know myself, she keeps me in check.

Meet my girlfriend, Yoga!

I started to do yoga in the summer of 2013.  My yoga instructor, Michelle was great.  She really broke down the poses and most of all had great intensions for each class.  I loved the sense of escaping and challenging my body in a different way.  Yoga gave me more inner peace and acceptance of myself as well as others.  Since then I’m getting pretty good at doing Yoga and still learning more about my mind body connection.  People have asked if I teach yoga or would I ever want to?  My response is, “It’s the only I get to do for me, I don’t want to take advantage of my girlfriend like that.”

Yoga was one of things that would prepare me for one of the toughest times in my life.  In October my fiancé and I split after three years.  Needless to say it was a very difficult for me.  It was hard to focus at work, eat, and be positive.  Yoga gave me a great sense of calming.  I was able to stay more focus and made me feel full(if you can understand that).

Yoga continues to help me just relax and feel strong at the same time.  I have a much more appreciation for those who teach it and for those who can make the same connection.

I was going to keep this story myself, but hopefully one person will take something from this.