Foam rolling is a great tool for myofasical release or loosening tight muscles. It has proven effective and efficient and has served as a tool for Pilates, strength training and core workouts. But, have you tried it for meditation?  This article shows you three different ways to mediate using your foam roller.

The first way you can meditate on your foam roller is by sitting on it long ways with your legs folded. This allows you to maintain a comfortable posture and gives your hips a slight stretch. Inhale for three seconds, then exhale for three seconds. Use this count up to five seconds or whatever works best for you.


The second way to meditate on your foam roller is by extending your legs while sitting on it long ways. This is great for a hamstring and back stretch, using deep breaths. While this may be a harder position to hold for a length of time, hold the stretch for as long as you can, taking periodic breaks and then returning.


The final way you can meditate on your foam roller is by lying on your back. Make sure you have a 6×36 round foam roller for this position. While lying on the foam roller make sure your head and neck rest securely on the foam roller with your knees bent. This is a great position for postural alignment and stretching the shoulders and chest. In this position you can take deep breaths while relaxing your shoulder around the foam roller.


In conclusion, your can choose any or all of these three ways to meditate using your foam roller. Remember, it’s your meditation practice so use it in the way that works best for you. As you do, you will be surprised as to how it will help relax both your mind and body.