I’ve been wanting to review my 2014 year, but was very hesitant about boasting about accomplishments. Before getting started I believe that goal setting is a very powerful tool to help you have your best year yet. I believe that setting short term goals(6 months to a year), really helps you focus on the goals you want to accomplish. So first, I want to hear about your accomplishments from 2014, did you achieve any goals? What are your 2015 goals? What were your set backs? How can you over come them?

My year in review:

2014 was the most productive year of my life! YEP, You heard that right! My year started off going to the Landmark Forum, where I got a better sense of what I wanted out of life. How to create and achieve possibilities, let go of things, and people who held me back(most of it was taking responsibility for myself). So, thank you Lululemon for sending me to that, along with goal setting practice to help get more clarity about what I wanted out of life. It was also important to revisit my goals about halfway through the year to see what was being accomplished, what I needed to change, what goals were aligned with my beliefs. As a result of wanting to revisit these goals, IGolU came at the right time to bring clarity about my personal legacy. IGolu was four session phone conversation with four other Lululemon ambassadors from the United States about personal legacy and creating meaningful goals. It was great working with four random people in doing the assignments and supporting each other from a far.

From there I accomplish a few goals, some without even realizing it.

1. I was able to donate to a charity every month for the entire year, some months two. This was one of those goals that just happened. I didn’t think about it and it came from an authentic place. Through this I discovered the concept of the want for nothing.

2. One of my biggest goals was to write a children’s health and fitness book. The Adventures of Frankie Fitness was born on September 15th and it has been one of the greatest things in my life. The book has created so many opportunities to help spread the word about children’s health at a young age and childhood obesity. Thank you Ken Rochon, The Umbrella Syndicate, Perfect Publishing, Ryan Battle, and Al Granger for your belief and support in me.

3. As a result of writing The Adventures of Frankie Fitness, I was able to co-author another book, “The Perfect Network-Out” I was very honored when Ken Rochon asked me to contribute a chapter to this insightful book about balancing wealth and wellness to achieve real success.

4. Other goals that just happened because of the goal setting and the universe be aligned.

-Mio Global Brand Ambassador

-Contributor to various health and fitness magazines and websites, Baltimore Magazine and Mind Body Green.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and supported me in these goals(family, clients, and friends). The biggest thing I learned was these goals can not be done without help from others. This life and world is about the connections you make and the want to help others achieve their dreams.