This workout is designed to burn some calories and increase flexibility.  This is for intermediate to advanced levels. Some of the movements maybe different, but once you get the flow it will be come easier.


The Movement Prep(Warm-up)

20x Jumping Jacks, 14x High Knees(in place), 14x Cross Punches, 12x Alternating Lunges, 12x Reverse Lunges,12x Side Lunges, 12x Transverse Lunges, 10x Ice Skaters(slow), 6x Centipedes

Floor Work 1(Prone Position)

Downward Dog(hold 15 seconds),  Push up-Plank Right knee to elbow.  Alternate legs 8x.

Childs Pose(hold 10 seconds), Cat Backs 4x,  4-point Draw in(opposite leg/opposite arm) 12x,

Swan Dives 6x, Childs Pose(10 seconds)


Floor Work 2 (Supine Position)

Roll ups or Peel ups 6x, Roll ups to ceiling 4x, Deadbugs 12x,

100s, Series of 5(Scissor Kicks, Bent knee, Circles, Lower Leg lifts, Bicycles) 6x of each.

Bridges 12x, Single Leg Bridges 10-12x each leg

REPEAT WARM UP(increase reps by 6x)

Floor Work 2 (Side-Lying Series)

Up/Down Kicks 10x, Front to Back Kicks 8x, Leg Circles 6x(each direction), Bicycles 6x(each directions),

Side Planks 15 second hold, Snake and Twist 8-10x

*Make sure you do both sides

REPEAT WARM-UP(increase reps by 6x)




If you have any questions, email me and I will explain the exercises or the sequence.


By Jason WilliamsImage