I recently return from Negril, Jamaica, where I taught group fitness classes for a week.  Some classes were Aquacize, Beach Power Walk, Core Lower Body, and Body Sculpting.  It was a great experience meeting new people and touching more lives. While in Jamaica I took two things away from the experience.

1. What happen to saying, “Hello” when passing anyone.  Everyone is Jamaica including the people visiting from other countries, said hello when passing each other.  It made for a more relaxing and care free trip.  It has become the norm not to say anything to anyone, then to say one word, “Hi”.  Try saying “Hi” to at least 5 strangers a day and see what happens.  You’ll put yourself in a better spirit even if it is not reciprocated.

2.  If your a fitness enthusiast or new to fitness, you should take a spa/fitness vacation and a complete “shut down” vacation.  On this trip I saw many people who were overweight and out of shape.  You can tend to over eat on these kind of vacations.  While its good to completely “shut down”,  you can also do you body an injustice.  If you can go on a spa/fitness vacation(3-4 days) to detox and rejuvenate your body, you can return more energized then the “shut down” vacation.