2011 saw the growth and decline of some health and fitness trends.  While fitness DVDs such as P90X and Insanity stayed relevant.  Crossfit made a big impact with larger group training and TRX is becoming more of a fad.  I will give my 2012 Health and Fitness trends and would love to hear your prediction for 2012.  Lets get started…

YOGA – Yoga remains a strong trend with studio and gym classes staying full and the many different types of yoga rising, such as Air yoga and karaoke yoga.

SPIN CLASSES – Spin class remain a popular class at gyms and even individual studios are opening.  Spinning has become ol’faithful.

RUN Training –  5K, half marathons, and marathons are big hits in cities and small towns.  Anyone can do this and it usually supports a great cause.  The feel of accomplishment keeps the motivation of running high.

Corporate Fitness –  Employers love healthy employees.  Employers are paying for programs and even partial gym memberships. Studies show that fit employees are more confident, focused, and produce more at work.  Also, healthy employees can cut insurance cost as well.

Physical Therapy/Corrective Exercise – Have a nagging injury, go see a Physical Therapist.  Don’t let your ailments hinder your fitness goals.  Physical Therapist offer therapeutic modalities and corrective exercises to help and prevent injuries.

Personal Training – My personal favorite! Personal Trainers don’t allow you to short-change yourself at the gym and no progression in your individual fitness to help you reach your goals faster and more efficient.

BARRE Classes – A combination of ballet, pilates, and yoga.  Barre classes are a big request and Barre studios are opening in big cities and small towns.


Here are some more health and fitness trends that need more attention.

Child Obesity – One of the biggest epidemics in America, child obesity programs are not as prevalent in gym, studios, and fitness centers.  Schools are implementing programs but parents need to be more aware and educated to help their children.

MASSAGE – While thought as a luxury.  Massage offers stress relief, flexibility, and overall mind/body balance.

Wellness Coaching – Wellness coaching is on the rise but not as popular.  Achieve your fitness goals is just not a physical thing, it can be mental as well.  Wellness coaching can offer a answer why your not reaching your fitness goals, nutrition goals, and stress management goals.

PILATES – Trend or fad.  Pilates is great alternative to Yoga and stretch programs.  Pilates offers mat and apparatus training.  Great for core, flexibility and rehab training.


Other health and fitness trends: Zumba, Acupuncture, Swim/Water programs, Boxing, Kettle Bells, VipR